Writing artwork labels

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Writing artwork labels

We print using a premium high definition digital output printing plate for our flexographic labels, allowing for smaller screen percentages to be used, delivering the highest quality printed labels available.

For the digital presses, we can print up to writing artwork labels color stations. Varnish is coated off-line. Digital printing is known for its ability to hold a near perfect registration. This will reduce the below concerns in the design where reversed type and trapping may be of regard in flexographic printing.

Keep in mind that the more colors you use in your design for flexographic printing, the more it costs for labels to be printed.

writing artwork labels

Digital printing is only impacted in costs when you add White. This will allow for a quality output label.

Any bitmapped images should be at least 1,dpi or higher at the size they are used in the label artwork. Make sure all colors used in your design are labeled clearly and properly in your files.

This allows for any variation in the cutting process without affecting the appearance of the label. Be sure artwork is created to the exact dimensions that the labels will be printed at.

Dielines should be on a separate file layer with center marks writing artwork labels exactly center marks on the graphic design. The dieline should also be in a color that is not used in the design.

Borders that are thinner will look "lopsided" if the relation of the printing to the die-cutting varies even slightly. Consider using an in-line border a thin line around the inside perimeter of the label that does not touch the edge of the label, rather than a bleed border.

Spot Colors Keep in mind that for Digital Printing, most all production is done as CMYK, except for when White is required or if there is a specific color that is required to be reproduced as a spot color.

We recommend using spot colors for the following circumstances: Text, in order to maintain optimum legibility. Elements that require vibrant color. CMYK is only capable of reproducing a portion of the full color gamut "accurately".

When printing heavier black text or graphics. Because the black is laid down lightly for delicate process reproduction, it will appear as a dark gray unless separated from the process colors and printed as a spot color.

When a label needs a color that cannot be accurately reproduced with CMYK inks, such as precise color matching of a corporate or logo color.

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Metallic or fluorescent colors must be reproduced as a spot color, as they are special pigmented colors and can not be duplicated in CMYK.

If White ink is to be used, set the color swatch up as "White Pass". White ink layers are named as such in Adobe Illustrator "Layers" menu. Spot colors must be identified in the color palette with the specific Pantone Color number. Special match colors should be identified as such. Setting up a White Layer for digital printing These are general white plate instructions for the Indigo presses.

We call our white layer 5Indigo, for the press to identify it.

writing artwork labels

Others may have a different name, for theirs. But overall, this should work for the HP presses of the world. Make the color of the spot color a full Cyan this will allow it to display on screen as a color so you can see it. Set all areas for white ink on TOP of all other elements even though it will print underneath.

If any images were created in Photoshop, the white layer for these images will need to be done in Photoshop, then sent separate or embedded into the Illustrator file. Metallic Inks Flexographc Printing Only, Not a capability with Digital Metallic inks printed on a gloss material will have a better appearance than if printed on a matte paper.

Metallic inks are not able to be reproduced on the Digital presses at this time. If possible, avoid using metallic inks for tints, or screens, as they can have a tendency to fill in the screens giving a "dirty" appearance. Screens, Gradients and Vignettes It is common practice to separate out a solid, heavier print color, from the screen plate of that color.

This will allow for cleaner printing of the screened area and still maintain the density of the solid area.

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Black text is often separated from the CMYK, to ensure a quality print. Flexo Avoid using a screen of a color for large background areas. This will help avoid color inconsistencies that can occur due to any movement or vibrations on press. Use a lighter, solid PMS color for large areas.Premium Quality Get the quality you expect from Avery, the world’s largest supplier of labels.

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How to make labels for an exhibition of art MAKING A MARK A top art blog for artists and How to make labels for an art exhibition Labels for exhibits - about artists and/or paintings - in an exhibition are necessary.

On this we had name of artist, a few lines about the artist and why they sketch, the title/media of all he artwork being.

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