Webers verstehende sociological method

Verstehen is now seen as a concept and a method central to a rejection of positivistic social science or Positive Schoolthough Weber appeared to think that the two could be united. Verstehen ferchaen is the use of empathy in the sociological or historical understanding of human action and behavior. Verstehen refers to understanding the meaning of action from the actor's point of view.

Webers verstehende sociological method

S Mills Comparative method of Emile Durkheim Dialectical Materialistic method of Karl Marx The idealistic method adopted by Kant and Hegel advocated that the difference between statement of fact and statement of value is necessarily mitigated through the application of human mind meaning when statement of value explains what it ought to be, statement of fact indicates what it is.

Consistent application of mind serves the Webers verstehende sociological method between the two. Hegel believes that mind is exclusively rational.

Webers verstehende sociological method

Hence using this rational mind taking the help from rational thought man gets engaged in various kinds of discoveries, innovations to create and recreate human history. The knowledge about the reality is real and rational comes out of application of human mind.

This approach is known as rational approach and idealistic approach as well.

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The positivistic approach advocates that knowledge about the reality can be procured not by application of human mind but by observation, personal experience and experimentation. It is the sensory organ of human body that sees the reality. Hence knowledge about the reality should be understood through the application of empirical or positivistic method.

The fundamental concern of positivism is to extend the methodology of natural science to the field of sociology. It advocates that both the disciplines should be using scientific method to study the reality in its every possible aspect. Weber is not convinced either with empirical arguments or with the rational approach to study the reality.

He advocates that behind every possible reality there is present natural causalities body of values forms of actions, source of motivations. Therefore every reality is a mixture of multiple attributes that cannot be studied either from rational stand pt or from empirical standpt.

Weber asserts that every possible reality being multi dimensional no branch of knowledge can ever be able to study every possible dimension of reality. Max weber criticizes the sociological commitment to the methods of science on the one hand and the application of the methods of science in the natural science on the other, He makes a distinction between the method of science and the philosophy of science.

The methods of science are the steps, procedures used by the scientists to conduct research. The methods of observation, separation and verification are used in scientific research.

To its contrast the philosophy of science is not concerned about the scientific procedures and methods rather it is concerned about the spirit and ethos of science.

It believes that scientists being a professional body of people maintain objectivity while conducting a research. They maintain value neutrality and use relational rationality or substantive rationality while conducing research. Spirit of science is not engaged in the compartmentalization of knowledge dividing them into natural versus social science or nomothetic versus ideographic disciplines.

Knowledge is absolute, No possible branch of knowledge is absolutely objective or subjective. Subjectivity and objectivity are inter-twined and combined together explain the essence of reality.

Weber believes that sociology should not make an attempt to go for first rate generalizations to study facts as facts rather it must have to use subjective meanings to objective reality following spirit of science rather than the methods of science.

To Weber mind always imposes a pattern on the sensory organs on the basis of which one explain the reality. Mind and matter, values and realities are complementary to each other. Thus effective negotiation between the both is the fundamental concern of sociological research. Weberian sociology makes an attempt to establish interlink age between the both considering that sociology is concerned with subjective understanding of objective realities.

Weber believes that collectivity doesn't have any life to think, feel or perceive. The basic unit of a social structure is social action. The concern of sociology is to understand the meanings associated with the action of the actor than mechanically studying action and its consequence using the methods of natural science.Rules of Sociological Method.

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The Touch of Max. Sociology Index. VERSTEHEN. Verstehen is associated with the writing of Max metin2sell.comhen is now seen as a concept and a method central to a rejection of positivistic social science or Positive School, though Weber appeared to think that the two could be metin2sell.comhen (ferchaen) is the use of empathy in the sociological or historical understanding of human action and behavior.

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Phenomenology within sociology (Phenomenological sociology) is the study of the formal structures of concrete social existence as made available in and through the analytical description of . An ideal type provides the basic method for historical- comparative study.

It is not meant to refer to the "best" or to some moral ideal, but rather to typical or "logically . The founders of sociology—including Weber—thought that the United States, unlike Europe, was a classless society with a high degree of upward mobility.

(). Moreover, his Rules of Sociological Method () had begun to meet the standards of scientific inquiry. In gathering data on suicides.

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