Sandy s paper

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Sandy s paper

Main aspects of paper[ edit ] The role of missiles[ edit ] UK war plans of the s were based on a "three-day war", in which the Warsaw Pact 's forces would begin with a conventional attack in Europe, but the war would quickly progress to the use of nuclear weapons.

From that point, strategic weapons would be unleashed and the battle would be between the strategic bombers and the opposing defences. The massive superiority of the western air forces meant this battle would be short and largely one-sided, but the UK would have to survive at least one wave of Soviet attacks.

The offensive weapons of the system included new jet-powered interceptor aircraft and, originally, reorganized anti-aircraft artillery with new tactical control radars.

By the early s, the increasing speeds and altitudes of bombers meant they could "toss" their weapons from ranges outside even the largest anti-aircraft artillery, and plans began to replace these weapons with surface-to-air missiles.

By the mids, the USSR was known to be developing a variety of ballistic missiles able to deliver nuclear warheads. Split into classes based on their range, much of the attention was on the longest-ranged intercontinental ballistic missiles ICBMs. However, short-range missiles were both less expensive and easier to develop, and these had the performance needed to deliver a warhead to the UK from bases in East Germany.

Sandy s paper

There was no defence from these medium range ballistic missiles and it appeared they would be widespread by the mids. The introduction of strategic missiles seriously upset the nature of the UK's defensive posture. The only way to stop an attack from missiles would be to stop it from being launched, and the only way to do that was through deterrence.

Sandy s paper

Although the survival of the V force was demanded even before this point, there was some expectation that it would survive direct air attack given the ROTOR defence.

With missiles, there was no way to do this. Any attack would require the immediate launch of the V force to ensure its survival - even if an initial attack was made by bombers, missiles were sure to follow.

In this case, there was no point trying to defend their airfields - they would either be empty or the war was already lost.

In such a scenario the need for air defences was essentially eliminated. If an attack occurred, even the complete attrition of attacking bombers would have little to no effect on the ultimate outcome.

Linesman was now tasked mostly with intercepting aircraft carrying carcinotron jammers, which the Soviets might use to mask an attack. Aircraft industry reorganization[ edit ] The paper stated that the aircraft industry should re-organise, with a number of smaller companies becoming a few larger ones.

It was made clear that new contracts would only be given to such merged firms, including the only new aircraft project, which would become the TSR Hunting Aircraft soon joined the BAC group. Westland Aircraft took over all the helicopter manufacturers, including Saunders-RoeFairey Aviation and Bristol's helicopter work.

Saunders-Roe's hovercraft work was spun off and merged with Vickers Supermarine as the British Hovercraft Corporation. Very few companies were left independent after this wave of mergers, leaving only Handley Page as a major independent, along with the smaller companies like AusterBoulton PaulMiles AircraftScottish Aviation and Short Brothers.

Most of these disappeared by the s, leaving only Scottish Aviation to merge into British Aerospace inand Shorts, which was purchased by Bombardier in Engine companies were likewise "encouraged" to merge.Gift Guide to surprise and delight an artist.

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