Regionalism and globalisation in africa

One school of thought argues that globalisation on the whole has been beneficial to mankind and is irreversible. Critics of globalisation have pointed out that many of its effects are harmful, especially to the poor, and that whatever positive results exist are in any case very unequally distributed between the rich and developed and the poor and underdeveloped. The Manic Logic of Global Capitalism A balanced approach to globalisation recognises that it provides opportunities and entails risks.

Regionalism and globalisation in africa

We have rights because we are part of Regionalism and globalisation in africa community of people with relative group interests - in best unit, a union of discrete European ethnonations, in which we create and negotiate rights by consensus, not foolishly believing that we discover them in objective detachment.

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Specificatory Structures are basically partly or nearly finished working hypotheses as it were, that allow interlocutors to engage, shape, craft, correct and refine these hypotheses.

Remember, the ultimate aim of pragmatic philosophy is the rigor of operational verifiability. So, those with a penchant for engineering and scientific rigor should be satisfied; while being helped to Not promote the scientism and epistemic blunder of applying physics models theoria to creatura and social group concerns praxis.

Nor does social constructionism proper and hermeneutics deny science, biological realty or race; it enhances and complements scientific inquiry, it does not discourage science: What hermeneutics proper would do is not deny it, but refer back to it as need be in the course of operational verification.

The dark side of globalisation

I will speculate as to why: First is obvious - YKW know what I am saying is true, want to discourage it and direct Whites to join them as right wing reactionaries.

There is a third and fourth category at work, also right wing reactionary. But among right wing reactionaries that are a problem for me are STEM people who are not penetrating enough philosophically to get beyond their STEM predilections - which, again, would have them perpetrate the epistemic blunder of applying theoria to praxis - which, rather, requires phronesis practical judgement of the kind that the topoi of specificatory structures would guide.

While those more sympathetic to a White take on social, communicological, post modern, hermeneutic resource have been late bringing it to the table. All the while the YKW have been doing their number, taking the best ideas for social advocacy for themselves then distorting them, abusing them and weaponizing them against Whites - to where Whites react and play opposite day with me, as if I am the bad guy simply for using our words, terms and concepts properly in our interests ; Whites have such heavy reactions to the negative, red cape associations they feel from these words that they react against the abused words and concepts; and in so doing rebel against their own interests, in what one cannot help but believe is a deliberate strategy.

But it stems rather from a misunderstanding of the Specificatory Structure and its aim - its aim is to provide social topoi for people to participate, shape, craft and refine I knew we were in trouble when Bowery simply ignored what I said, angrily tried to prohibit me from criticizing Modernity, Cartesianism the quest to separate mind from interaction, viz.

We are no longer beholden to the transmissions model of communication, in which we sat in front of televisions, or teachers, or preachers and were to receive the information as pure, sacrosanct, no need for our input and correction….

What your are presented with at Majorityrights are specificatory structures - hypotheses well enough considered, with a likely trajectory to protect our interests as discreet European peoples; but we can always use help from honest people of good will, to shape, craft and verify our inquiries where not proposing inquiries anew.

These are specificatory structures presented with a good deal more humility and social respect - your interaction, your help in participating in the generation of knowledge production is most appreciated. Because we are White Post Modern now, certain inquires are recognized as a distraction at best and all too often pernicious misdirection: Jewish participation; Christianity; Nazi redemption; obviously nutty conspiracy theories; and when we have time to explain with subtlety, scientism and other errors held over from the modernist apex.

I want to kiss the ass of rigid Nordicism as opposed to ethnonationalism which, among other European kinds, defends Nordics as such!HOME: Wel come to the Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work Website! (CRIMT, from its French equivalent Le Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur la mondialisation et le travail).CRIMT is an interdisciplinary and interuniversity research centre which focuses on the theoretical and practical challenges of institutional and .

THERE is an ongoing debate on the impact and implications of globalisation.

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One sc. The headlong rush towards regionalism has gained new momentum in recent years. The European Union, whose long-standing commitment to regional agreements has arguably triggered this rush, is moving on with its ambitious program of announced regional deals, including with Russia.

Regionalism in Africa was led by public sector organizations and it was done without the public support and the support of private sector. Information-communication technology represents another limiting factor to Africa’s integration into the globalization and regionalization processes.

This paper analyses Africa’s position in the global.

Regionalism and globalisation in africa

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Lessons for African regionalism as globalisation takes a beating