Provide reception services essay

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Provide reception services essay

Provide reception services essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Understand the purpose of reception services in a business environment: If on the front desk then when anybody comes in they will see you first, you will need to be seen as mature, initiative and show you have respect for other employees and the customer basis.

Regardless of any situation you will need to have a positive attitude and be dependant towards your employer. Without these features that have been mentioned the customers that are approaching the company are not going to want to stay around or do any work with the company if the first port of contact is hard to work with, it will give off the impression that the whole company is going to be like that to work with.

Being on the front desk the employee should be willing to have a laugh with a customer if they are the jokey type, but you must tread carefully with this as if they take something that you have said in the wrong way if could lead to yourself being in a lot of trouble.

Whereas if the customer takes this the correct way then this would improve their impression on both you and the company as they will see the staff as nice and fun people.

If you the employee are presenting a positive image then this will automatically present a positive image for the company, this is due to the fact that a good company would Provide reception services essay good and positive workers.

Whereas being negative, not being helpful, nor friendly will push customers away, which could quite easily lead to the termination of your job. If customers are leaving or not showing an enquiry because of your attitude then the boss is not going to want to keep you employed.

To keep a positive image the best way is to be professional at all times, if necessary wearing uniform but if there is no uniform then making sure what you are wearing is smart and appropriate for the business and customers to see you in.

When answering the phone this should be the same as above, if there is a procedure be sure to follow it, even if it is including how to answer the phone, with what to say to the customer, e. The same should be done Provide reception services essay the caller phones up to talk to somebody that is not currently in the office.

This is important for customers approaching the company, as first impressions really do count. If the customer sees someone that does not look up to the same standard as everyone else there then they will have their doubts. All thoughts should be positive, once you start having negative thoughts you put yourself down which reflects on how you act towards others.

All of these aspects add to a positive image, which is very important in any company, you need to do all these things for both yourself and also the business; the happier you are the happier the customers are going to be. Understand the procedure to be followed when providing reception services: Structure and communication both depend on the size of the business, the larger the business the more ways of communication and the wider structure.

Flat structures are the most common for smaller businesses, this just allows key staff members to work directly with directors and owners, when the company grows there would be different departments which would mean that staff members would be speaking to people that are at a hierarchy.

The structure when people are working together on a task is different again, both parties need to make sure that they discuss what they are doing on their work, this is to stop both workers to do the same work and missing a large or small chunk.

The larger the business is the more lines of communication, people use emails, phones, memos, notes and letters, there are more means of communication large selections of these are used at all businesses, more used at some than others.

The larger the business the larger means of communication, when trying to get in touch with a large amount of staff instead of sending out lots of emails separately it is easier to just send 1 email to a group of people.

This way if anybody feels the need to reply then the reply will go to all people involved in this email, this way if there are any questions then they can be answered quickly and easily to everyone also everyone will see the question so it will not need to be asked more than once.

This is a good structured way of getting a message out to everyone. Depending on the size of the company is dependent on how the structure will affect the lines of communication. In small companies there are less people to communicate with, if it is all in one office then it is expected that pretty much everyone speaks to one another and all information will be relayed around.

Everyone in the company needs to make sure that important information is relayed, not everything can be trusted by word of mouth, things may get misunderstood or somebody may tell someone something completely different and incorrect.

To solve this as well as people telling one another they should also write the information down, in the format of either a letter, note or email, this way there is solid proof that this has been sent and the person receiving the information cannot say that they have not received the information.

The receptionist needs to be able to control the entry of visitors, all that arrive and leave would need to put down their details and the times that they arrive and leave.

This is for security purposes just in case there is some sort of crime, this will then arranges any necessary alibi. The receptionist needs to know how to handle angry customers, therefore if the manager feels the need to give certain employees training then they should do.

At most places there will be a signing in book and once this is filled out they will receive a visitors pass, this then will give them access to where they need to go, and will not need to be asked by other members of staff who they are or where they are heading. This is the same with using filling cabinets once again.

With security the receptionist will be able to kick the public out if they are causing issues, if it is someone that is causing a lot of issues then the receptionist should be the one that calls for help, even if it is to call the emergency services. Making sure there are safety procedures are in place is very important when it comes to the public, if for instance there is a wet floor and no wet floor sign up and somebody slips then they would be able to try to sue.

Therefore making sure that health and safety procedures are put in to place is very important. This includes putting any hazardous items away, e. Anything that is a hazard should be noted and put into a risk assessment.

If there are any accidents in the work place then they will need to be logged in the accident book, even if this is a small accident it needs to be noted down just in case a small cut could become an infection. If you yourself have left something out that is a hazard then it is your responsibility to put this away, you cannot always expect others to clean up after you else something will end up getting left behind and someone could end up hurt.

There needs to be someone that has been trained and will regularly receive training as theirs runs out. To carry these procedures out you as the receptionist need to be very conscious of the people and what is happening around you.

If there is an incident near you then you need to be able to call the relevant person to help you sort this — e. You also need to be able look and notice if there are any issues around that could be seen as a health and safety issue, if you notice these then they need to be sorted as soon as possible, if you are able to move something before it comes a health and safety risk then this will reduce the chance of others getting themselves injured or worse.The first thing I noticed about Georgina was that she was a very pleasant and well-presented lady wearing clean and smart attire and had her hair tied up with a comb.

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As you write, you may well get new ideas or think about ideas in slightly different ways. This is fine, but check back to your map or plan to evaluate whether that idea fits well into the plan or the paragraph that you are writing at the time.

Consider: In which . Provide Reception Services Essay Sample.

Provide reception services essay

1. Understand the purpose of reception services in a business environment: Explain the purpose of the receptionist role as the first point of contact between the public/client and an organisation.

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