Oracle specialisations overview

Actifio enables hybrid cloud for the enterprise, letting users increase the mobility of data between cloud and on premises infrastructure, creating a more seamless integration of the Oracle Cloud with existing data centers. Oracle Cloud customers can now leverage the Actifio platform to provide a complete range of business resiliency and agility use cases — from backup, disaster recovery, and LTDR to virtual database provisioning in support of test data management. Now, as more and more of those customers need those same capabilities to enable a hybrid cloud environment, Actifio is making it easier than ever to extend an existing data center into the Oracle Cloud. The speed, agility, and convenience that Actifio platform integration in Oracle Cloud brings for SIs and enterprise customers is unparalleled.

Oracle specialisations overview

IT projects are innately human endeavours, and the tools we use are a means to solving the wider business problems; these have included preventing tropical landslides, public protection, and building new business platforms for financial services customers.

Applying SOA Experience to the Oracle API Gateway Organisations seeking to enable their mobile strategy; extend the reach of their content, data and services; or forge stronger relationships with their customers and business partners are turning to API management.

Those with a solid base in SOA have a great advantage: To learn how Oracle Fusion Middleware can be combined with API Management, and to see what could be salvaged from existing SOA services, we take a simple use-case of extending and existing business function to a mobile platform. This includes a practical demonstration of what was achieved and the hurdles we had to overcome in building it.

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It should also be useful for those looking to move into mobile and perhaps looking to learn from Oracle specialisations overview real experience. She is Technical Director at K21 Technologies and publish articles on technical blog http: He's author of the book "Oracle Backup and Recovery: He runs a popular blog http: Are you ready for advanced RAC management tasks in your production environment?

Oracle specialisations overview

This session provides an overview of Oracle 11gR2 RAC components and presents best practices for managing the clusterware. In this session, you will learn the steps of how to apply rolling patches without downtime, how to solve cluster upgrade failures, how to migrate from single instance to RAC, how to change SCAN, VIP, private and public ip, how to use non-default ports, how to add and delete nodes and how to maintain voting disk and ocr.

Managing Personal Data Sets

During the session you'll watch real-life practical video scenarios. Explorer is an Oracle Platinum Partner focussed on developing bespoke applications, consultancy and training using Oracle Application Express.

Koenig Solutions provides security certification training courses for system, network, server, cloud and web & mobile application security. We provide security . Automated EU GDPR compliance with EUgrc. iTree is a Platinum level Worldwide Oracle partner with 16 Oracle-awarded specialisations and we serve our customers through a wide network of offices. Your dashboard gives a quick and easily understandable overview of your risk status by personally identifiable information set, supporting assets. Oracle Communications is a major component of our Unified Communications Practice, and in combination with other best-in-class technologies we have assembled, we are building end-to-end Nuvias-assured solutions that perfectly match your customers’ needs.

Find out more at www. In this case study session we will demonstrate key functionality, why APEX is so flexible in terms of look and feel, and how we solved some of the technical challenges we faced using APEX.

This staggering statistic will change the way we view the world and the way we do business. Is your organization ready?

In this session we will take you through the steps needed to begin your journey from Oracle Forms into the Mobile world.

Link achieves Oracle’s ODI specialization - Link Consulting

We will go through the decision points and challenges to consider. We will then do an overview of the process of building an Oracle Mobile Framework application that has all the bells and whistles of current mobile apps gestures control, graphing, barcode capture, camera, notifications, etc.

As more of your users begin to demand mobile solutions, this session will guide you on how to begin your Mobile journey while leveraging your existing Forms investments. During Tech14 Roel will present three sessions.

For this brand new release attention will be drawn towards the big improvements like the new Page Designer, the Universal Theme, changes in Interactive Reports etc.

Oracle specialisations overview

Some of these enhancements will change the way you build your pages in APEX. Second, Roel will be covering how to get quantitive information out of unstructured data. For example, we have text reviews of products, but how can we figure out how many people liked or disliked a certain product - just from that piece of text?

This session will show you there are features in your Oracle database you can use for this kind of analysis. Oracle Text is used to analyse and break down the text into meaningful - and less meaningful - parts.Oracle offers an optimized and fully integrated stack of business hardware and software systems.

Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in your data center–from servers and storage, to database and middleware, through applications.

Link starts off the year of on the right foot and manages to obtain a new Oracle specialization, this time in Oracle Data Integrator (ODI). Strategic Advisory Services Britehouse has a rare combination of skills and experience in using technology to drive business value. this makes us one of very few organisations in south africa so steeped in digitisation that we can talk strategy as well as tactics.

Presentation - Partner Support Overview for Partners by kinan_kazuki Oracle Exastack Ready Oracle partners from which to Specialization makes it easy for customers to choose the right partner to develop and implement business solutions based on their certified skills and proven expertise.

In its current form, the changes to the internal coding system and value set representation in ADL 2.x and the AOM with respect to ADL/AOM constitute syntactically breaking changes, and therefore require conversion of ADL archetypes to ADL 2 form.

European Union General Data Protection Regulation Compliance Suite