Native american sound instruments essay

Ask them to think about what is meant by this title. Invite a few volunteer responses. Then encourage them to listen carefully and jot down key words that will help them discuss the video after they listen to the excerpt. Ask the class to listen especially well to what Dennis Banks says about the drum and Native Americans.

Native american sound instruments essay

The Native American lives religion as a way of life. Children of the tribe grow up in this world of spirituality and learn from example that religion can come as easily as taking a breath every day.

This is no attempt to lead into the topic of religion, yet it needs to be known that the Native American sound instruments are used as a part of that religion or spirituality. There are many sound instruments used by Native Americans, but they vary accordingly from tribe to tribe.

The Native American sound instruments are considered a way to almost imitate the processes of nature to attain their level of spirituality during ceremonies as well as every day life. The drum and the flute are just a few of the sound instruments used by Native Americans, yet the drum stands out as of major importance.

The drum provides a center for the tribe because it tends to represent a symbolic importance. Black Elk of the Oglala tribe was once quoted as explaining that symbolic importance as, "a drum's round form represents the universe.

Native american sound instruments essay

The steady strong beat of the drum is the pulse, the heart, throbbing at the center of the universe. As the voice of Wakan Tanka, it stirs and helps us to understand the mystery and power of things.

The drum Rodriguez 2 beats as if it is representing a heartbeat, this heartbeat could signify our beginning as if being safe inside a mother's womb. The drum is also believed to posses a "medicine" quality.

A drum can be made of many types of wood as well as many types of animal skin, yet there is only preference because of each individual tribe or person making the drum.

Drums can be made in a various array of sizes, again depending on preference. Sizes can range from small enough for an individual to large enough for twelve people. The average size is suitable for six or eight people like the ones you find at PowWows.

There are basically two reasons for suggesting that the drum has medicine. One reason a drum is thought of having medicine is when the drum is made from cedar.

The Cedar tree has been known as a powerful healing tree and thus this medicine is passed on to the drum as a sort of healing energy. The other reason that a drum is thought to have medicine is because of what type of skin is used.

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Elk, deer, buffalo, horse, and moose, just to name a few, all have some kind of significance when it comes to being used on a drum. To the First Nations, deer is considered to have a connection to the circulatory system. To be more precise, the Heart, the heart can be left unattended for long periods of time.

Native american sound instruments essay

This lack of attention can lead to high poverty in the sense that there is never enough time, never enough money, or never enough love. Native Americans believe that Deer opens the heart to allow them the teachings of trust and to allow them to empower the power of love and wisdom.

They feel that drumming with Deer has the medicine to Rodriguez 3 remind them that they live in a universe filled with more than enough of every thing that is needed. Drumming with Deer helps when the feeling of being unloved engulfs someone, it in turn reminds them of the laws of circulation.

In other words, when one is feeling unloved then its time to love others and all things, and soon that love will be returned tenfold.

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Drumming with Buffalo is used when one seeks to gain wisdom and guidance from their Ancestors by opening the door to that vibration.

Native Americans associate Buffalo with Wisdom and Abundance and is the source when joining the masculine Sky energy with the feminine Earth energy. Drumming with Buffalo is an ally in reminding them of the connection of Spirit or prayer to form or the Physical.

The examples of drumming with Deer and Buffalo are just a few of the ideologies or should I Say beliefs that have been handed down from generation to generation. Next comes another sound instrument used by the First Nations, and that is the flute.

Hand Drums Traditional Native Concepts of Death Posted on by Ojibwa Many religious traditions, but not all, put forth an explanation about what happens after death. There are many religious traditions which claim there is an afterlife of some type, that death is not the end but is a transition.

The Native American flute is quite unique in many ways especially its design. It is one of the few flutes that is end-blown and is two-chambered and is often made of cedar. While its origin remains rather obscure, legends give it an early existence.

Legends state that the flute was used by warriors to produce their courting songs. The flutes did Rodriguez 4 all the talking for the warrior because customs did not allow for him to publicly show his affection for the one he loved.

First there had to be the courtship. Before marriage came a most interesting courtship. When parents considered a daughter ready for marriage, the father would casually let it be known that any suitor may approach. As interested young men visited the family to make formal overtures to the daughter, the parents would pretend to be politely indifferent.Native American Instruments Essay Native American Instruments Drums and rattles are the most common instruments used in Native American music.

Other percussion instruments include rasps, bells (usually attached to clothing), and clap-sticks. Native American Music has many different musical styles. Within every Native American tribe there is a variety of musical styles and instruments. Essay about Native American Flutes - Although Native Americans are known for their voice being a vital instrument, most rituals, songs, and dances are accompanied by an assortment of instruments such as, drums, rattles, flutes.

Sun Dance. The sundance is the predominant tribal ceremony of Great Plains Indians, although it is practiced by numerous tribes today as a prayer for life, world renewal and thanksgiving.

Native Americans had lived on the land now called American long before any European sailor came to make the discovery of finding the “West Indies” in Music was an important element in the life of Native Americans.

It was created through voice and instruments. The combination of voice and sound was quite elaborate and was created to be used for ceremonies, entertainment, relaxation, and healing.

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