Julie and may essay

In this book, Julie Barenson is a young widow, whose husband Jim died earlier from cancer.

Julie and may essay

Source To Be Female Means to Be Oppressed The repression of women, as a whole, gave men the power to control the female gender by creating general outlines of what their interpretation of the role of femininity encompassed. In doing so, the female was systematically stripped of her individuality and forced into a cookie-cutter mold of what was considered to be socially acceptable for herself and her gender.

Psychologically, this creates a situation where men, to some degree, become beholden to certain gender roles in order to be considered socially acceptable, as well.

It is a natural occurrence for one to be successful according to the tenets of the society they inhabit.

Julie and may essay

However, for women, this resulted in subordination, subjugation and objectification and consequently, wreaked terrible havoc on her psyche. In Victorian society, such mental and spiritual malaise within the female gender was clearly evident. There were some feminist writers of the time, male and female, that shed light on this type of psychosis by highlighting the inequities between the genders and the devastating effects these inequities had on women.

One such author was August Strindberg and his play Miss Julie. Queen Victoria, the image of purity and moral fortitude, set the social standards for the age that was named for her.

But, also true to the time, everyone could not be as the Queen was. Nineteenth century Victorian society was a time of social and moral extremes. According to the literature of the time that dealt with these social issues, people seemed to operate within an air of hypocrisy, projecting a clean face and hiding a dirty behind, so to speak.

On the surface, she appears to be a fine Victorian specimen and expects to be considered as such. But, she inadvertently displays a dark side in her character. This dark side exists as a result of her tumultuous upbringing by a sadomasochistic, man-hating mother and absent father. In the play, the overriding gender theme appears to be that women are evil, weak and dependent.

Consequently, this contributes to the sadomasochistic psychosis of Miss Julie, which according to the author, are brought on by repressed sexual desires.

Miss Julie appears to be in a constant battle with herself to reconcile her fiery nature with the demands of the social mores of the times. Naturally, she wants to be successful as a proper Victorian woman, but she also needs some real help and guidance. She, sadly, has nowhere to turn and no constructive way to direct her intense energies because she lacked that example in her mother, who herself, was out of control.

One would go so far as to say that what Miss Julie experienced in the play was not only a result of her upbringing, but was the result of the systematic oppression of the female gender. Throughout human history, women have been subjected to everything from social subtlety to holy religious conquest and murder by the male hierarchy to bring about the total subjugation of women for the sake of male domination and control.

The fact that the primary tool of oppression was the violence conducted by men towards women and towards the Divine feminine worshippers caused women not to only be physically and socially oppressed, but most importantly, spiritually subjugated. In the play, Miss Julie, the protagonist, displays a deep mental and spiritual disturbance in her character.

In such a society as the Victorian one, female oppression, objectification and social subjugation may have made female hatred of men a typical occurrence.

Oppressed psychology is oppressive, oppressing psychology. Victims of oppression are unwittingly complicit in their own oppression.

Psychology of oppression consists of motivation, agency, perception, emotions, ambitions, ideals, reasoning, memory, aesthetics, and morals that accept the oppressive social system, desire it, identify with it, take it for granted as normal and even as ideal, take pleasure in it, defend it, and reject alternatives to it.Teaching Miss Julie.

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Julie and may essay

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