Human rights case studies canada

It is not legal advice about your situation. Why would I want to read human rights decisions? If you have filed a human rights application, or are considering doing so, it can be helpful to read decisions of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario that deal with other cases similar to your own.

Human rights case studies canada

Previous Page content As part of a government program, Darlene, a grade 12 graduate, got a job with a local garden nursery.

She was to help Mr. M's first review of Darlene's work showed that she was performing all her job duties exceedingly well.

Human rights case studies canada

It was obvious that Darlene liked the work. Over the next three months, Mr. M's behaviour toward Darlene began to change. As they worked, he would often put his hands on her shoulders and hips or lean over closer to her.

At these times, she would quickly draw away from him. Darlene did not encourage the comments or actions, nor did she say anything against them. However, she was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the situation Human rights case studies canada tried to avoid the owner as much as possible.

You're scared you're going to like it. Darlene firmly refused, saying that she was seriously involved with her boyfriend. On several other occasions, the owner tried to get Darlene to come to his apartment. Is Darlene's termination a factor when assessing if her rights were violated? Paramvir In response to increased violence in its schools, a local school board adopted a policy prohibiting carrying weapons on school grounds.

The following spring, the school administration learned that Paramvir, a Khalsa Sikh, was wearing a kirpan in school. One of the duties of the Khalsa Sikh is to carry, at all times on his or her person, a kirpan, an article of faith symbolizing a spiritual commitment to law and morality, justice and order.

A kirpan is a steel knife, encased and secured in a sheath, and generally worn out of sight under normal clothing. After prolonged discussions with Paramvir's family and Sikh organizations, the school board amended its weapons policy to include kirpans.

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It forbade Sikh students to wear the kirpan to school—they could only wear a symbolic representation of the kirpan, provided it did not involve a metal blade that could be used as a weapon. A Sikh teacher took the case to the Tribunal.

Furthermore, it was argued that other school boards did not have a policy restricting kirpans. The school board argued that: Did the weapons policy discriminate against Khalsa Sikhs?

Was the policy reasonable? The owner gave him the job, saying that he would be working on a weekend shift with seven other young men, all students from the local area.

The shift manager would train him on the car wash equipment. A few co-workers invited him to join their little group for lunch or breaks, but others consistently cracked ethnic and racial jokes, often within hearing of the shift manager.

When they glanced at him as they told their jokes, he got up and walked away. One busy Saturday afternoon, a whole section of the car wash equipment broke down because someone had allowed the system to become overheated.

The system had broken down at some point after that. Dante believed he was discriminated against because he is Black, while his co-workers and managers are White.CHRR decisions are only available from Canadian Human Rights Reporter Inc.

CHRR decisions are not included in LawSource (Westlaw), Quicklaw (LexisNexis) or CanLII. In this case, John Hirst brought a case to the European Court of Human Rights, arguing that to deny him the right to vote was a breach of his human rights, specifically under Article 3, Protocol 1 of the European Convention of Human Rights.

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This Case name Citation Date Subject January 7, - Appointment of Beverley McLachlin as Chief Justice of Canada Blencoe v British Columbia (Human Rights Commission) [] 2 S.C.R. , SCC 44 October 5, More Cases.

Human rights case studies canada

Summarized below are a selection of Human Rights Tribunal decisions in cases where the Human Rights Legal Support Centre provided representation to the applicant at the hearing.

JVI Canada, HRTO (Country of Origin). Special Status of Human Rights Legislation Defined This is an appeal by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia ("ICBC") from the decision of the British Columbia Court of Appeal which restored the decision of the Board of Inquiry in this case.

Case studies: Physical disability. Area: Employment Ground: Physical disability Result: Resolved voluntarily through conciliation A woman who worked as a secretarial assistant stated that she was forced to take disability leave as a result of fibromyalgia.

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