How recent japanese boys are getting femininize essay

In order to present a coherent view of the complex issues involved, this volume is organized into three main parts parts II through IV with four chapters each, complemented by the present introductory chapter part I and a concluding chapter part V.

How recent japanese boys are getting femininize essay

If someone show off the richness the they would look down on the Off course there are opinions that the economic situation and education influence their value to live. While Japanese young people used to consume cars, brand products and travel to overseas during bubble era, current youth do not desire these things because they have shifted value.

Previously Japanese youth wanted to emphasize richness, so they bought expensive products as if they were competing, but that is considered as stupid now because recent young people want average things.

They are not good at competing with others and do not want to be distinguished from others because they experienced how much it scares to been left out. For example, the media has exposed the decline of big stars.

Most poplar actress, hottest athlete and other famous talents are charged just because they made a slip of a tongue. They treat them as criminal.

How recent japanese boys are getting femininize essay

Moreover, once comedians become popular and are shown on too many programs, audience tend to want them to disappear. Not only the other world, they also have watched the real life bullies. That is why they do not behave like muscular guy, and cherish the cooperativeness with others. That is what girls have expected to have in Japan.

They had memorized text as much as possible to pass the entrance test for university. To improve such machine like education and prize the individual value, they needed the system that makes students have their own opinions and take more time to discuss how to solve problems around them. Which is not enough to explain the reason why Japanese guys are motivated to be feminine or skinny.

However, those facts do not directly influence the gender identity because they still have money if they live with family and Japanese schools still have traditional gender treatment for each boys and girls.

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The media is the most influential factor to distort the male role in Japan, and drama is one of the good sources to know how different the gender role is. In the bubble age, the heroes had longing jobs, such as advertising, travel agency, or someone who works at oversea, and story is about the love affairs of a group of several characters.

Most women admire life in the drama and fashion of female role, and they desire to have same one or try to find those guys who can purchase it for them. At that time they expected guys to economic force, and they thought guys should have the competitive power, so that was common like other countries.

However, some women started to be suspicious about the masculinity because Japanese society was still male-dominated base, so it was not interesting for some. And then, they became to hope that the next generation or their kids to be more kind. Thus, the herbivore men generations started to be born.

I did not mean the discrimination, but just criticize the Japanese too much self-concerning. In the 80s, Japanese media used to show the Yankees or yakuza kind of stories on the drama, and that was a fundamental stereotype in Japan because people in that age still believed that the guys must be strong and male also dominated society.

The story is about that a former Japan national rugby team player hired as a high school rugby coach. The team straggles with a lot of problems and in the story, but finally the coach pulls the team together and won the high school national rugby tournament.

However, the some guys also admire those images on such a drama, so it let them go into juvenile delinquency, and it became a social issue. To prevent from such behavior, Japan broadcast committee came to make restrictions for violence scenes, so those dramas disappeared from the screen.

At the same time the male gaze objectified women on screen, so there are so many comedy shows that describe the women naked on midnight.

How recent japanese boys are getting femininize essay

In this decade, a lot of women came into the society, so feminists and female employee criticized about the strongly male dominate society.

Those dramas also illustrate the ideal women workers role, so that got support from women, and Japanese media gradually start leaning to the women side. As a result, those good-looking celebrities dominated Japanese dramas, movies, or even music industry.

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