Elsa finds love fanfiction

Add photo As in the first Kingdom Hearts, Ariel's story is almost a mirror of the film's plot. There are some slight changes from the film, among them being: The deal between Ursula and Ariel is made in the Courtyard instead of in Ursula's cave.

Elsa finds love fanfiction

Aksgtforge Elsa is lonely, extremely lonely and when she finally finds the love of her life she decides to M rated for obvious reasons.

I do not own any characters except Andrew Rated: Aksgtforge [This fan-fiction was inspired by the fact that I've seen countless Elsa and Hans sexual fan-fics, and elsanna incest fan-fics, both gross. But what I haven't seen is a romantic story beetween Queen Elsa and a fan-made character that isn't just rough sex or rape so you know what, I decided to go ahead and write is M rated for obvious reasons, and is one of my first fan-fictions so critique my writting please] Elsa had been lonely for the longest time.

She would run to her room and cry whenever she saw her little sister and her husband being happy and passionate toward each other.

Elsa finds love fanfiction

She knew her sister loved her to death but she wished she had someone close to her heart She had become used to wearing masks that hid her true feelings That was before she developed feelings for her advisor Andrew he was the youngest boy on the council at 21 the same age as her.

All the other men on the council were in their 40's and 50's and hated the fact that they were being ruled by a 21 year old ice-witch, but Andrew Andrew supported her fully and was there for her whenever she needed him mostly because he was in the empty council room all day doing work so she could waltz in un-announced and he would be ready to help her in any way possible.

Finally after weeks of numerous akward romantic run-ins and two weeks of them avoiding each other. Queen Elsa found herself sprinting for the counsil room, when she finally arrived she almost broke the doors open. Tensions beetween Arendelle and the Southern Isles were escalating, the council was slowly forcing the queen into war, a route she really didn't want to go down.

But most of all was the fact that the man she so desperetly wanted had been avoiding her for two weeks, so as soon as she saw him again she had a mental break-down.

Elsa was taken by surprise and before she knew it she was proped up on the nearest council member's desk and getting kissed like never before. Anna had kissed her but this was different. A family kiss and a lover's kiss were two very different things.

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She would've given anything to make the kiss last longer and when the kiss finnaly ended, Elsa and Andrew were left breathing heavily and smiling nervously at each other. Elsa was wearing the same dress she had worn when she was on the north mountain and Andrew wasted no time complimenting on her beauty "you know you look unbelievably stunning tonight Elsa" and she wasted no time kissing him on the cheeck as a thank you gift.

I want to hold you close when your sad and dance when your happy. I never want to let you out of my sight" Elsa simply put her arms as tightly around him as she could looked up at him and whispered "yes, a thousand times yes" and with no burdens on their shoulders they kissed again and it was the most passionate thing either of them had done in their lives.TWICE PRIME.

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Jack Frost is a guardian now and he spends his time with Jamie for a long time but then Jamie grows up and the rest too and Jack is alone so he explores the world to find someone to believe in him. jelsa fanfiction Most recent.

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Time to post. YOU ARE READING. Jesla ;His Secrect Identity Fantasy. Jack Frost is a guardian now and he spends his time with Jamie for a long time but then Jamie grows up and the rest too and Jack is alone so he explores the world to find someone to believe in him.

Nov 07,  · Will Jack Frost make an appearance as Elsa's love interest in "Frozen 2?" Fans of the highly anticipated "Frozen 2" have been clamoring for it for the past few months, showing enthusiasm about any details and updates related to the movie.

Jack and Elsa fan fiction, this is the first book I ever wrote so excuse grammatical errors and a repetitive storyline, I was about Jack Frost, the year old winter spirit, almost by fate, stumbled upon Elsa one night and it was from there he chose to guide metin2sell.coms: K.

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