Analyzing job satisfaction on the example of two articles

Such things as providing spacious work areas rather than cramped ones, adequate lighting and comfortable work stations contribute to favorable work conditions.

Analyzing job satisfaction on the example of two articles

Analyzing job satisfaction on the example of two articles

Gender and Job Satisfaction Introduction The aim of this study is to assess whether job satisfaction varies significantly with respect to gender. Previous studies have shown that female employees tend to be more satisfied than their male counterparts Sloane and Williams,Clark,Kim, ; a finding that often gives rise to the widely debated gender-job satisfaction paradox, which asserts that women report a higher level of overall job satisfaction as compared to men, even when they have an objectively determined disadvantaged position at the workplace Kaiser, Researchers who have studied the Gender-Job Satisfaction have pointed out that the apparent paradox is only a transitory Clark,Sousa-Poza and Sousa-Poza, and is expected to disappear when employment opportunities for women and men become similar.

This study would statistically compare the job satisfaction of male and female employees in the United States to affirm whether female employees actually report a higher level of satisfaction in this region.

Data The data for this study has been retrieved from the General Social Survey GSSan annual national survey conducted throughout the United States that aims to observe social changes in the American society.

The survey covers variables; however, this study focuses only on two of them, namely Gender and Job Satisfaction. The survey employs a probability sampling technique to collect the data across the United States, whereby every element in the population has a likelihood of getting selected.

Data was collected using interviews, where interviewers received prior training by area supervisors and underwent a practice interview.

Although previously done manually, sincedata collection has been done using computer assisted Personal Interviewing CAPI. The field work takes roughly months to be completed.

Once the field work is completed, the responses are edited, coded, and cleaned before moving to analysis. There are a total of 57, cases that are composed of the adult, household population of the United States.

The sample covers about Previously, the GSS only sampled the English speaking population; however, it has started including Spanish speakers in addition to English speakers since The two variables of interest are Gender and Job Satisfaction. The possible responses for gender are male and female, making it a Categorical Variable.

Job Satisfaction was measured on a 4 point ordinal scale very satisfied, moderately satisfied, a little dissatisfied, and very dissatisfied which makes it an Ordinal Categorical variable. The study is a retrospective observational study.

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By definition, a retrospective observational study collects data after events have occurred by means of observation or through surveys. We can place the GSS data in this classification because the data collection method confirms that the responses were generated through interviews where the role of the interviewer was completely passive i.

It is certainly not an experiment, since an experiment would require the focal explanatory variables to be randomly assigned for each subject, which was not the case in GSS. Scope of Inference - generalizability: The sample size is significantly large to generalize the findings of the study across the United States.

The sample includes different age groups and a diverse selection of respondents, both in terms of geographic and ethnic dispersion.Job design aims to enhance job satisfaction and performance; methods include job rotation, job enlargement and job enrichment.

Other influences on satisfaction include the management style and culture, employee involvement, empowerment and autonomous work groups, pay, work responsibilities, variety of tasks, promotional opportunities the work itself and co-workers.

the job and the work situation, in this approach job satisfaction is measured. This type of assessment gives an exact picture of the employee‟s total job satisfaction.

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Hence, in our study, we measured job satisfaction using numerous aspects of the job and the work situation. In fact, job satisfaction can be seen in three ways, namely as a function of: • the actual features of the job • the opinions of other people in the workplace • the individual personality type and correlation to the respective job Models of Job Satisfaction Affect Theory Edwin A.

Locke’s Range of Affect Theory () is arguably the most famous job satisfaction model. Given the existing literature on D&R, job satisfaction and burnout, the goal of this study is to investigate differences in job satisfaction and job attitudes between public and private sector lawyers in Ontario.

An employee’s overall satisfaction with his job is the result of a combination of factors -- and financial compensation is only one of them. Management’s role in enhancing employees’ job. comprehensive diagnosis of job satisfaction indices of pharmaceutical business, the factors causing the dissatisfaction & suggestions to improve them.

Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Job Dissatisfaction, Motivation. 1. INTRODUCTION Job satisfaction describes how content an individual is with his or her job.

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