Al4 trasmission guide

The following laws are therefore obtained: The ECU authorises a double change down from 4th to 2nd and 3rd to 1st or forces a single change down. Furthermore, the ECU provides a change down function in the event of sustained braking in order to anticipate downward gear changes and so as to provide the engine brake. The reference value is a function of the turbine torque to overcome.

Al4 trasmission guide

Symptoms Flashing of the snow or sports light or Automatic Transmission Fault on display. In most cases the transmission will go into the downgraded mode, or limp home.

In this mode the transmission is locked in third speed to enable to continue the th e operation of th e vehicle. This is reported r eported by some some driver s as a loss of power.

The downgraded mode can can be preceded by some some very harsh up or down shifts. After stopping and restarting the engine, the transmission will usually return to normal operation.

Most of the time the problem appears at unpredictable interval s. Normally the malfunction lasts only for short periods, from a few seconds to a minute or two. The following fault code is logged in the transmission ECU: The pressure difference i s caused caused by intern al leakage.

Internal leaks can be caused by by mechanical wear, a leak between val ve body and transmission casing, incorrect adjustment of the manual valve index spring. The most common common cause however is the pressure r egulation solenoid solen oid valve.

Solenoids Decco Solenoids, U.

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The diagnosis is not straightforward, several operations are required to eliminate possibilities. Transmission fluid a. Check the fluid level in the transmission and rectify if as required. Low or high fluid levels are equally harmfull.

Save some of the drained fluid in a clean container for examination. AL4 Solenoids http: The fluid sample is black and smells burnt, contains metal particles, plastic particles or friction material. New fluid is transparent. Fluid drained from a transmission that has been in operation for some time is usually dark in colour and lacks transparency, this is acceptable and not necessarily an indication of an internal fault.

Caution is to be exercised with the fluid assessment. Pressure sensor a. With help of the diagnostic computer check the transmission line pressure. The following parameters are expected. At idle in N: At idle in D: Under full load rpm: If there is no change in pressures, test the sensor and sensor supply.

If a sensor is faulty a constant pressure of 6,5 bars is maintained by the system. This would also mean that the transmision would be in Limp Home Mode and that the fault is permanent.

Since the problem usually is intermittent the pressure readings will check out OK most of the time. If no other problems have been found so far, continue with section 3.

Solenoid Valves a. Replace the pressure regulation valve and the converter lock-up valves. Make sure the 2 seals behind the valve body are correctly fitted.

Al4 trasmission guide

If necessary replace the seals. Tension the valve body bolts to 8 NM. After fitting the valve body adjust the selector index spring d. Adjust the multi-function switch.Transmission parts for: PSA AL4, AT8 Renault DP0, DP2 4-speed FWD (electronic control).

Automatic Transmission Identification Guide Reprinted from Car Craft - Article and photos by Marko Radielovic: This article will take a good, hard look at Ford's offerings on the slush-box front. Seeing as we don't know a heck of a lot about Ford automatics, we abducted a variety of transmission experts and interrogated them for the.

AL4 DPO Transmission Rebuild Manual - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text file .txt) or read online for free.

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Peugeot Transmissions The following laws are therefore obtained: The ECU authorises a double change down from 4th to 2nd and 3rd to 1st or forces a single change down.
Peugeot Transmission | eBay It was under warranty, so it didn't incur any direct cost to me except time, fuel and toll.

AL4 DPO Transmission Rebuild Jan 01, Renault DP0 Oct 28, Generalidades de caja autom tica transversal integral para vehiculos livianos del grupo PSA. Filter Kit for Renault Clio ON DPO/AL4 WCTK This unit was mainly introduced outside of the US. Download "AL4 DPO Transmission Rebuild Manual" We are a sharing community. offers al4 transmission products. This is a full technical data sheet to solve that problem by Sonnax.(Data sheet con. AL4 DPO Automatic transmission problem in pressure line solenoid, EPC. This is a full technical data sheet to solve that problem by Sonnax.(Data sheet con informacion para resolver el problema de.

AL4 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION The aim of this document is to give a brief description of the design and operation of the electronically managed AL4 automatic transmission which offers precise, adaptive control as well as excellent gear changing quality.

The following subjects are dealt with in this document.

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