A literary analysis on mother tongue

This is the rd and final installment in the series. It seemed as if they must go on forever. The day became a smiling dream.

A literary analysis on mother tongue

Return to Featured Authors Marceline Desbordes-Valmore One of the most gifted poetesses of the Romantic period, Mme Marceline Desbordes-Valmore found in her poetry a solace from a life buffeted by misfortunes. The Revolution ruined the family fortune, forcing the barely adolescent Marceline and her mother to take a trip to Guadeloupe in search of relief with a successful cousin.

To earn the fare for the trip, Marceline had to join a theater in Lille, then in Rochefort and Bordeaux, learning the cruelty of life along the way. Finally, inthree years after leaving Douai, they began the perilous journey during a time when England and France were at war on the seas.

When they arrived, Guadeloupe was convulsed by a violent revolt of the slaves against the French colons.

A literary analysis on mother tongue

The cousin, having lost his property and his wife during the uprising, had fled Pougin 45 1. Shortly afterwards her mother died of yellow fever.

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Thanks to the compassion of strangers, she was finally returned at Dunkirk, now sixteen, destitute, and with her physical safety barely intact.

It is in this town that she met in Henri de Latouche, her first true love, which lasts thirty years according to one account, whose identity she never revealed, except as "Olivier" in her poems. From this union a child was born who did not survive. Here she married in a second-rate actor, Prosper Lanchantin also called Valmore, from whom she had two daughters and a son.

The first legitimate child died within a few A literary analysis on mother tongue. Of the next three childen, two girls and one boy, the first-born, Ines, died during adolescence; Ondine died as a young woman, after she herself had seen her own daughter die in childhood. Only Hippolyte survived both his parents; he served twenty years in the army, seven of which in captivity by the Spaniards and then by the English.

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In spite of the numerous personal tragedies Desbordes-Valmore started to write, prolifically, as a girl, a sister, a friend, a woman, and a mother, producing 25, verses, thousands of pages of prose, more than 3, letters not intended for publication.

Written sometimes out of pecuniary necessity, sometimes for her own therapeutic purposes, the healing or palliating of a love life rent by heartaches, sometimes as a weapon with which to defend the weak against the powerful, her poetry easily retains the values and qualities which move her contemporaries and the modern reader to appreciate her as a significant voice among the Romantics.

For twenty years, she and her husband would travel from city to city to earn a living, which hovered on the brink of indigence, until she finally gave up the theater in to devote full time to literature.

Marceline Desbordes-Valmore died in Paris on 28 Februaryat last finding peace from a tormented and painful life. Her pesonal lyricism evinces beauty, sincerity, and spontaneity that reach a sublime intensity.

Woven with a soft texture, her verse delights the ear with the euphonious sounds that herald the musicality of Verlaine. The musicality of her verse must have benefited from the sense of musical rhythm she developed as a singer.

Her style and rhythm, the odd number of syllables in verse she introduced the eleven-syllable verse before Verlaineher melancholy, her doleful passion, her pains and miseries form an amalgam that is strikingly original and modern. Partly due to her lack of an academic background and any intellectual orientation, she is an independent, free-thinker who ranges across a wide spectrum of themes, anything that touches her heart, her conscience, her sensibility as a woman, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, a struggling artist who experienced first-hand the inequities and deceptions of life.

Considered a minor poet partly because of her status as a woman writer She even wrote, "Women, I know, should not write; however, I write.

Her ability to deal with personal sufferings, an unforturnate love with Henri de Latouche? Alibert of the Opra Comique? Her poems capture the essence of love with tenderness and precision; the distresses and dreams of a woman in search of identity; the compassion for and defense of the children, the poor, the poor children, the women, the prisoners; in short, the downtrodden and vulnerable.

Another dimension of this long-suffering soul is her spirituality. In spite of all the trials and vicissitudes she never loses faith in God2.

Background and early life

Pougin characterizes Desbordes-Valmore thus, "If Marceline has so far arranged her rhymes, if she has tried to express her feelings and sensations in verses more or less sonorous, more or less harmonious, it is the sole torture of her heart that draws from it the accents of a vibrant, pathetic, ardent poetry, always impregnated with intense emotions, which were later to elicit admiration and earn her an imperishable reputation.

There is no definition, just an assertion, of the term maudit. La Jeunesse de Mme Desbordes-Valmore.Fyodor Dostoyevsky: Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Russian novelist and short-story writer whose psychological penetration into the darkest recesses of the human heart, together with his unsurpassed moments of illumination, had an immense influence on 20th-century fiction.

A literary analysis on mother tongue

Learn more about Dostoyevsky’s life and works in this article. Table - 2. It is clearly seen that Kannada, the Official Language of the state is the mother tongue mainly of rural people, and Tamil, mainly a language of migrants, is an urban phenomenon. PART I: An ancient Mariner meeteth three gallants bidden to a wedding feast, and detaineth one.

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